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Structured, practical questions to help you unlock your purpose. 

Our 40-day programs take a balanced and rooted approach to reflection prompts, making sure your discernment is grounded in your own lived experience. 

Once you've chosen the path you want to take, we'll guide you through strategic reflection on various themes, helping you excavate your experience to find clue about your authentic purpose. 

We will help you to bring those clues together into greater self-awareness and purpose.

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Collect concrete insights and take action steps to live out your purpose.  

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Length: 40 Days

Who are you at your core? What makes you unique? What do you value and believe? How do you make decisions?  40Form/CORE is a 40 day journaling journey to unpack these questions in an empirical fashion. Sent to your inbox every morning, our daily reflection questions allows you to mine your personal experience to find clues to your authentic self. We’ve structured the questions to build off of one another and help you answer some of life’s deeper questions in a more methodical way. Start your group's journey today.

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Finding a sense of purpose in just 15 minutes a day

What you can expect


Provoking Questions

You will receive

journal prompts designed to deepen their inner journey.


in your experience

You'll focus on your actual experiences

and concrete examples.


for holistic thinking

You'll consider your life from multiple 

vantage points  to

paint a realistic picture.

Delivered to

your inbox


You will receive the questions in a medium that is convenient and easily searchable.

To uncover your unique self

Together, you'll work with your friends to analyze your thinking to better understand what

makes you unique.

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Join others who have already started their journey to greater purpose. 


Lucy Page

Doctoral Student

I started 40Form at a time when I was thinking through hard questions about my career and relationships, and 40Form challenged me in important ways. Answering the daily questions helped me to face my vulnerabilities with honesty and grace. I highly recommend that you let them challenge you as well.

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Beau Suder

Management Consultant

40Form provided just the structured self-reflection that I needed and helped me cut through the noise, look inwardly, and understand myself in insightful and meaningful ways.  My life is richer for having brought 40Form along on my personal and spiritual journey.

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Lucy Ballard

Doctoral Student

Before 40Form, no one had ever asked me to name and explain my values or priorities. Working through the daily prompts and participating in small group discussions brought me greater clarity about my direction and purpose, which has allowed me to make choices with confidence and more fully use my talents for the betterment of my community.

We’ve worked with hundreds of purpose-seekers on their journey to greater self-understanding and purpose.

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Join us on a journey that will last a lifetime.