DormForm is a 28-day personal and small-group journey designed to help your students take a structured and reflective approach for answering the big (and small) questions that come up in college.


Each week, we provide thematic questions relevant to a student's experience, such as "What do I need to be ready for the semester?" and "How might I get involved on campus?" Each day, we guide them through a series of reflections to better understand themselves, with questions like "What activities give me energy?" and "Who is my most significant relationship?" We give you the tools to lead a small group discussion that helps them decipher their responses and answer the week's big question.


UPON CHECKOUT: Please include in the additional information section your group name and the date when you want us to send the first email. Keep in mind, the first email should be sent 6 days before your first DormForm small group meeting. For example, if you want you first meeting to be on September 7th, the first email should be sent on September 1st.

Don't know when you'll want emails to start yet? No problem. Give it your best guess and then email when you've settled on your start date.

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