LENT Cohort



Length: 47 Days

Lent invites us to repent of the ways we’ve turned away from the uniquely and wonderfully humans God created us to be.

Though we are made in the image of God, our world is full of voices vying for our attention and seeking to shape us towards their aims. Lent offers us an opportunity to repent of our sins and turn back to our truest selves in Christ. Often repentance makes us feel bad about ourselves, but it is really just the practice of turning towards that which is good in us - what brings us life rather than diminishes our spirit.

During Lent, 40Form invites you to sift through your inner world to better understand who you are and begin to return back to your truest self and greatest calling.

You will explore the stories told about you that shape your self concept. You will unpack the influences in your life that distort your sense of purpose. You’ll do a self inventory to unpack the gifts and opportunities God has bestowed upon you. And you’ll spend time thinking about how you make decisions to better enable you to act on your calling moving forward.

Each day, you’ll receive a reflection scripture and question emailed to your inbox. Each week, you’ll get a summary question that helps you to bring together your responses from the week to gain insight about yourself.

We don’t promise that you’ll know your calling by the end of this program - who can? But, what we can promise is that you’ll leave with a much stronger sense of who you are and be better prepared to respond to your call in the future.

In addition to our daily reflection scriptures and questions delivered to your email, cohort leaders receive a facilitator guide and marketing materials to shepherd their groups through their Lenten journey.

Weekly themes include:

· What stories do I tell about myself?

· What are my influences?

· What are my strengths and weaknesses?

· What are the opportunities and threats in my life?

· How do I make decisions?


· 40 Reflection Questions with accompanying Scriptures

· 7 Synthesis Questions

· Facilitator Guide

· Marketing Pack