Length: 28 Days

40Form/CAMPUS is a 28-day personal and small-group journey designed to help your students take a structured and reflective approach for answering the big (and small) questions that come up in college.

Each week, we provide thematic questions relevant to a student's experience, such as "What do I need to be ready for the semester?" and "How might I get involved on campus?" Each day, we guide them through a series of reflections to better understand themselves, with questions like "What activities give me energy?" and "Who is my most significant relationship?" We give you the tools to lead a small group discussion that helps them decipher their responses and answer the week's big question.

CASE STUDY - Gustavus Adolphus College

Rev. Dr. Siri Erickson, College Chaplain at Gustavus Adolphus College, was gracious enough to allow us to share her experience of 40Form with you.

With the coronavirus pandemic’s onset, Siri purchased DormForm [our first student offering] by 40Form for use at Gustavus. By utilizing communication channels at the school, through partnerships with different offices and departments within the college, and by employing the DormForm digital marketing package, Siri enrolled 85 students in daily email reflection prompts. Of those 85 students, 30 students participated in weekly small group discussions. By the end of their DormForm journey, Gustavus Adolphus had an email open rate of 74.7%, with a 94% completion rate.

Remarkably, Siri estimates that 75% of her participants had not regularly engaged with offerings by the chaplain’s office previously.

Of her experience, Siri said, “DormForm positioned my office as having something to offer students outside our inner circle. We were able to build credibility and relationships with students with whom we’d otherwise have trouble connecting.” When asked about the best aspect of DormForm, Siri returned to the importance of building relationships.

Because 40Form automated the daily reflections, provided facilitator guides, and created the promotional campaign, Siri, her staff, and her student leaders were able to focus on what was most important for them: building relationships.

Weekly themes include:

· What do I want from this semester?

· What should I get involved with?

· What are my most important relationships and how can I maintain them?

· How do I make decisions?


· 24 Reflection Questions

· 4 Synthesis Questions

· Facilitator Guide

· Marketing Pack