Length: 40 Days

Our bodies are integral parts of who we are as people and how we engage with the world. Yet, few of us consider our bodies when discerning our purpose and calling. From an early age, we are taught to distance ourselves from our bodies. We used to eat when we were hungry, dance when the rhythm moved us, and follow our intuition with gusto. Our bodies harbor important pieces of information for informing and acting on our purpose, if we can only return them to a place of primacy in our discernment process.

40Form/BODY is a 40-day journaling journey of learning to embrace our bodies as a component of the broader discernment conversation, both as an enabler of purpose and as a tool for discernment.

Weekly themes include:

· What stories do I tell about my body?

· How do I look at my body?

· How do I care for my body?

· What wisdom does my body hold?

· How does my body inform and enable my purpose?


· 33 Reflection Questions

· 7 Synthesis Questions