This Lent, unlock insights to shape your most authentic life.

Deepen your discernment, build and develop a spiritual practice, and connect with your calling in just 15 minutes a day.

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Few of us know what we really want.

We tell ourselves falsehoods about what will make us happy.


Then, we are disappointed with the results.


40Form helps you unpack your inner life by reflecting on actual lived experience. Not just aspiration. 


Our daily question series help you excavate your life for small clues about your purpose.


And, like the puzzle that you are, we help you to fit the pieces together to reveal the beautiful and unique picture of yourself.  

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A new era of purpose-finding has arrived.

Rooted in reality

What we tell ourselves we want and what we actually want are often very different. We help you find clues within your experience that point to your purpose.

If you knew what your passions and gifts were, you wouldn’t be looking for guidance. We ask questions about your lived experience (one’s you can actually answer!) to make conclusions about your purpose.

Fluid in nature

You need a tool that takes account for the fact that we are not the same today as we were yesterday or will be tomorrow. Our program helps you track patterns in your life over time, helping you find the consistent threads that weave through the tapestry of your life. 

No one has time for reflections that take hours or set you apart from friends and family for days on end. If you do, write a memoir. If you don’t, join us for just 15 minutes per day to better understand your purpose.

Short in Duration

Grounded in Experience

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You're not in this alone.

Lucy Page

Doctoral Student

I started 40Form at a time when I was thinking through hard questions about my career and relationships, and 40Form challenged me in important ways. Answering the daily questions helped me to face my vulnerabilities with honesty and grace. I highly recommend that you let them challenge you as well.

Beau Suder

Management Consultant

40Form provided just the structured self-reflection that I needed and helped me cut through the noise, look inwardly, and understand myself in insightful and meaningful ways.  My life is richer for having brought 40Form along on my personal and spiritual journey.

Lucy Ballard

Doctoral Student

Before 40Form, no one had ever asked me to name and explain my values or priorities. Working through the daily prompts and participating in small group discussions brought me greater clarity about my direction and purpose, which has allowed me to make choices with confidence and more fully use my talents for the betterment of my community.

We’ve worked with many purpose-seekers on their journey to greater self-understanding and purpose.

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